The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

109593Your lifestyle affects your state of being in ways more than one. Which is why it’s important that you adopt a lifestyle that you can benefit from. You definitely want your lifestyle to be one with enough activity to keep you fit and healthy. Most busy individuals already have a lifestyle that involves a lot of commute from here to there. This can get them an adequate level of exercise but contrary to popular belief, just being active and getting your fair share of physical activity doesn’t automatically mean that the lifestyle you’re following is entirely healthy. If you’re tired from the activities of your day most of the time then you’re just over worked, not exercised. A healthy lifestyle is a personal vow to one’s self to stay healthy. It requires commitment and dedication and you’ll have to be mindful of your activities. Getting enough exercise is one thing that will keep you healthy over all.

You also need to make sure that you get an ample amount of sleep. Exercising is tiresome, your muscles are used and at this point they need two things most of all. Proper nutrition to rebuild back stronger and ample rest for the repairing process to be successful. Unfortunately, the busy life of a working adult doesn’t allow them enough time to sleep and rest. To stay healthy and energized, it is important that you sleep at least 6-8 hours a night. Children are recommended up to 10 hours of sleep but on the average a young adult gets only about 5-6 hours of sleep in a working week. This means that your body is not as well rested as it should be and you’re exerting yourself a bit too much. This is counterproductive to your health.

Another thing to keep in mind to stay healthy is to monitor your eating habits. Did you know that a young adult is recommended to take two grams of protein for each pound of their body weight? Do you think you’re taking at least thins much protein? Well if you want to build lean muscle, you need your protein reserves to be full and ready to repair your body at all times. Asides from protein, you also want to monitor your carb intake. Too many carbs will only become fat so you have to be careful there.

Be sure to take in enough calories that you can burn, calories are actually good for you if you consume them right. Your diet should also be supplemented with all the essential vitamins that you need to keep your immune system up and running. Vegetables are your number one source for vitamins. Following a healthy lifestyle will make you a more effective human being. You’ll be more energetic, your skin will have a natural glow to it and you’ll be more vigilant as well. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended that you and your friends and family focus a bit more on their lifestyle and try to make sure that it’s healthy enough for them to stay young longer and live a long healthy life.

What Determines Your Lifestyle?

Life-SuccessThe term lifestyle is a very widely used term. You’re going to hear and read about it almost everywhere, especially in magazines and commercials on TV trying to convince you to by something to supplement your lifestyle. What is this lifestyle exactly? Well if you randomly ask a person to define what they mean by lifestyle, they’re going to have to think for a few seconds before they tell you something along the lines of it being the way you live your life. Well, that is basically the gist of it. Your lifestyle is simply your way of life. It includes your values, the way you identify with yourself in society. As such there’s two brackets of lifestyle that every person lives by. The broader lifestyle would be determined by the society they live in.

This encompasses their cultural values as well as belief systems and their manner of interacting with each other as a society. The sub lifestyle, or the niche lifestyle is something that can vary from person to person. For example, if you have a friend who’s really into heavy metal music, you’ll often see them wearing black t shirts with their favorite bands featured on them. And if they’re really into it you’ll notice them wearing manacles and have tattoos as well. This is their lifestyle. Similarly you’ll come across different people with even more lifestyles. Did you know that even being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice? It’s not merely just a healthy diet plan but also an identity.

So why is it that people have so many different lifestyles? Well, this we can owe to our nature as human beings. We need to have our own identity that we can uphold. There are individuals that collectively follow the same lifestyle very religiously as well. They’re content with being part of a group that they can identify. However, there are people who are more eccentric in a way and prefer leading their own lifestyle that’s separate from the norms. This is their identity, what they want to be known by.

These values are important to them and dictate their way of life which they follow wholeheartedly. Of course, people with similar lifestyles naturally come together at some point or the other, forming a community that upholds the same values. Communities can be permanent or temporary, for example there can be a vegetarian’s meet (no pun intended) being held at some place where those that follow the vegetarian way of life gather and share their opinions and thoughts. Now that we’ve looked at some kinds of lifestyles that people lead, let’s move on to you. What’s your way of life? Do you follow a template way of life that’s determined by those around you or do you identify with some kind of a subculture? You probably do, maybe you don’t think about it that much but whatever you do in the course of the day and in general contributes to your lifestyle. Next time someone asks you ‘so what do you do?’ try and focus on how you answer their question, you’re probably telling them about your lifestyle.

April Wine – I Like To Rock Official Video

Quintessential Canadian Rockers April Wine to be inducted to Canadian Music Hall of FameThe Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) is pleased to announce the induction of hard-rock band, April Wine, to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. In 2009, the group marked its 40th anniversary a celebrated span of time that has produced an impressive repertoire of hits among its 16 studio albums all which have surpassed gold status. April Wine will receive their honour at THE 2010 JUNO AWARDS in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, on Sunday, April 18th during CTVs live broadcast.